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Meet The Team

A healthy smile is all you really want, and Dr. Panitch and his staff have the expertise and tools to make that happen.  From Zoom Whitening to Crowns you can relax with the knowledge that your teeth will not only look good, but you will feel good about your visit to Brookdale Family Dentistry.

We believe that your healthcare can and should be a positive experience, enhanced through a personal relationship with your physician and founded in medical expertise on which you can rely.


Hygiene Team

Our dental hygiene team is committed to your overall oral health.  From routine prophylaxis to deeper cleanings, scaling and root planing, dental hygienists are paramount in keeping you on the right track towards keeping your teeth and gums as healthy as they can be.

Our hygiene team is committed to instructing you on the best possible home care.  We realize that regular dental visits are only part of the process and that you need to be able maintain your mouth on your own.  We want to help you to better help yourself.

The dental hygiene team is involved in:

  1. Initial patient assessment
  2. Dental hygiene diagnosis
  3. Taking dental radiographs
  4. Dental Prophylaxis Scaling and Root Planing
  5. Application of topical fluoride
  6. Application of dental sealants
  7. Oral hygiene instruction


At Family Dental Associates of Brookdale, the dental assistants are an important part of your dental experience.  They facilitate your overall dental experience, ensuring that you have a more comfortable and efficient dental visit.  The dental assistants—also know as auxilliarys—can serve as an extension of the dentists hands allowing your visit to be handled smoother and more efficiently.

Dental assistants:

  1. Ensure that your treatment room is prepared for you and that all surfaces and instruments are sterile.
  2. Allow the doctor to better focus on your procedure by:
  3. Suctioning any fluids out of the oral cavity
  4. Retracting soft tissue to allow for better visualization
  5. Ensuring patient comfort in numerous way
  6. Take and develop dental radiographs
  7. Take impression
  8. Fabricate temporary/provisional crowns and/or restorations

Office Manager

Denise, our office manager, facilitates the operation of our dental office.  From scheduling appointments, to insurance coordinating, Denise ensures that there is a smooth flow of operations so that the quality of your dental care is never compromised.

We want you to have the very best in dental care, and we realize that finances are always a concern.  Denise will work with you to ensure that you are obtaining the maximum benefits from your insurance coverage, and that your out of pocket expense is manageable.

Additionally, we realize that time management is never an easy task.  Denise will work with you to help you coordinate your dental appointments in a way that will fit into your busy schedule.

In a nutshell, we have tried our very best to ensure that your dental care is convenient, comfortable, and reasonably priced.  In a stressful, fast paced world, we believe that your dental experience should not add to your worries.  Denise will do her very best to make sure that your dental care is not one of your stress points in life.